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What Is Tarot?

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards used for the purpose of fortune telling, self guidance and the development of psychic and spiritual growth. No one really knows how or where the Tarot originated, or why it works, but if we tune into the images on the cards we can gain a glimpse of the future and a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. I should mention right at the beginning that the Tarot holds no special power. The Tarot is simply a tool (like a crystal ball or runes) to open your intuitive sense. The pictures stimulate your gut feelings.

The Tarot Deck

The Tarot deck divides into two parts: the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana reflects major turning points in our lives: our commitments, triumphs and tragedies, while the cards of the Minor Arcana deal with the more day to day aspects of life. The Minor cards are further subdivided into 4 tarot suits: wands, cups, swords and pentacles. Each suit has 14 cards numbered from Ace to 10 and 4 court cards (Page, Knight, King and Queen). These 4 suits correlate to the 4 astrology elements of the zodiac (Fire, Water, Air and Earth). Together, both sets of cards constitute a guide to the incidents and issues that we have to handle. There are hundreds of Tarot decks on the market, but by far the most popular is the Rider Waite Deck.

How To Read The Tarot

At the beginning of a Tarot reading the Querent (person requesting the reading) should concentrate on the subject or issue of the reading. They should shuffle the cards until they ‘feel’ it is the right time to stop. Then they hand the cards back to the reader. During the shuffling process some cards may be reversed. Some readers read reversed cards, others prefer to simply turn them right way up and read as normal (see reversed Tarot meanings). The reader will then lay the cards in an appropriate spread - for example the Celtic Cross spread is one of the most popular types of spread. She will then proceed with the interpretation of the cards.

Free Readings

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Free tarot reading

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Popular Tarot Spreads

Relationship spread: is there a future for the couple involved?
Horoscope spread: The year ahead using Tarot cards.
Yes No spread: If you need a yes or no answer to a question.
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Decision spread: Checking the outcome of various options before deciding.
Past life spread: Find out who you were in a past life.
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