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How To Give A Tea Leaf Reading

The technical term for tea leaf reading, a form of fortune telling, is tasseography or tasseomancy. When it comes to making tea for the purpose of tasseomancy, tea bags are useless. Even if you cut the bag open the loose tea they contain won't give a good reading because the leaves are too small and uniform. You will need to use loose tea. Ideally you should also use a china cup.

tea leaf reading symbol
Above: This person asked, should I emigrate to the
United States or stay here? The tea leaves revealed
an image which looked very similar to an image of
North America. The advice was clear - move and
seize opportunities abroad.

Why The First Cup Is Important

Tradition states that you should only read the leaves from the first cup of tea that is poured from a pot. This means only one person can have their leaves read from each pot. Why? The main reason is that tea-leaves flow out of the pot more easily with the first cup. The remaining tea-leaves tend to stick to the pot.

There is another reason why tradition insists that you should only read the leaves from the first cup. If you don't like the reading you get from your first cup of tea, you may be tempted to pour out another and try again - but that's cheating! Or, if you find the first cup of tea produces an unsatisfactory reading, such as an undefined mishmash of shapes that have no meaning for you, or all the leaves are washed out of the cup when you invert it, it means it is not the right time for a reading. Try again another day.

Drinking The Tea

As you drink your tea, try to relax. Think about the question you are going to ask. Don't let your mind be distracted by current worries or mundane thoughts. If this happens bring your focus back to what you are doing. Drink the tea until only a small amount is left in the bottom of the cup. You are now ready to begin your reading. It is important to leave a little tea in the cup because this helps to move the tea-leaves around when you reach the next stage, which is to perform the ritual.

Performing The Ritual

1. Make sure that you have drunk virtually all the tea so only a teaspoonful remains in the bottom of the cup.
2. Take the cup in your left hand if you are right-handed or your right hand if you are left-handed. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Silently ask your question or ask for guidance about your future.
3. When you are ready, turn the cup 3 times in an anticlockwise direction, then turn it upside down on its saucer and leave it to drain for about 30 seconds.
4. When you are certain that all the tea has drained into the saucer, carefully turn the cup upright. You are now ready to interpret the shapes of the tea-leaves in the cup.

NEXT ...

Look inside the cup for answers to your question. Can you see any shapes that have a positive meaning and which could give you a 'yes' answer, or any shapes that have a more negative connotation and could therefore be a 'no'? Or are there any shapes that relate to the question itself?

More detailed reading .....

You can ask the tea-leaves questions about any topic, from everyday matters to once-in-a-lifetime events.

Your Career

When giving yourself a reading about your career, or doing one for someone else, always keep in mind the sort of situations that might arise. These involve dealing with colleagues, bosses, employees, being self-employed, wanting promotion, wanting to switch jobs to something more fulfilling or better-paid, being very ambitious or coping with unemployment. If you bear such considerations in mind when reading the leaves, you will always be able to find some connection between the symbol in the cup and the career-focused question. Alternatively, the symbol may be a pun. For example, finding a bow in the cup may mystify you at first. Does it mean a bow-tie or a ribbon tied in a bow? If neither of these interpretations means anything to you, think of other meanings of the word. Perhaps it means taking a bow, as in receiving the plaudits due to you after a successful piece of work. Finally, if giving the reading to someone else and you do not understand some of the symbols in the cup, don't be afraid to ask the person concerned if these symbols make sense to them. He or she might tell you that the puzzling symbol is part of their company's logo or that it sounds like a boss's name.


If giving yourself a reading about a romantic question, one of the most important points to remember is not to be so focused on getting the 'right' answer that you ignore what the symbols are telling you. For instance, if you want to know whether you will marry the person you are currently in love with, you may be tempted to ignore the three disappointing symbols in your cup and persuade yourself that the amoeba-like blob is actually a bell, and therefore that wedding bells will ring out for you. Comforting though this might be at the time, you will be fooling yourself in the long run.

Sometimes you need additional information when interpreting some symbols that appear in your cup, especially if you are not sure to whom they refer. If you can clearly see a pair of lips in your cup, symbolizing a kiss, but you are currently single, you may wonder who will be giving you the kiss. Examine the shapes near the pair of lips in case they give you more information. For instance, you might find an initial letter, which will hint at the name of the person concerned, or a symbol that acts like a visual pun. To give an example of how this could work, you might see a key near the lips, and remember that you recently met an attractive man whose surname is Key. Could this be your mystery kisser?

Look for initials, which will help you to identify people referred to in the reading. You may also see astrology symbols, which tell you the person's Sun sign. For instance, a lion may represent a Leo or a ram might refer to an Aries.

Money And Finance

Money can be a source of great anxiety, so bear this in mind when asking questions about your finances. You may be so worried about getting a favourable reading that you ignore any warnings given by the leaves and concentrate on the more encouraging symbols instead. When asking questions about money you can expect to see money-related symbols in the cup. These will include the symbols for different forms of currency, such as the Euro and the American or Australian dollar. You can also expect to see numbers, as these can give information about the amount of money involved or the amount of time that will elapse before the money arrives.


Be very careful when giving readings connected with health, whether for yourself or someone else. This is especially true if you have no medical expertise, so don't be tempted to give dire predictions or to talk about things of which you have no experience. If you do see a warning sign in someone's cup, you must pass on the warning but without scaring the person out of their wits. You might ask how she is feeling or suggest a trip to the doctor for a check-up, but that is all. If you see a symbol that really worries you about your own health or that of the person for whom you are giving the reading, it will always be supported by other negative symbols. It may also appear in several readings. If you are worried about your health you should always seek medical advice. Tasseomancy readings should never be used in place of a medical consultation.


As always, when interpreting readings that concern travel bear in mind the sort of situations you are likely to encounter. These can include such pleasant experiences as excitement about the journey, happiness at reaching the destination and the thrill of going on the holiday of a lifetime, as well as more difficult ones such as coping with travel delays, mix-ups over tickets, worries about air travel, finding lost luggage and trying to make yourself understood in a foreign language. The shapes you see in the cup may represent forms of travel, such as a train or car, but sometimes they will have a symbolic meaning. For instance, a bicycle may represent a journey that you take alone and a train may signify a journey in the company of others, with someone else in charge.

Special Readings

As you become more accustomed to reading the tea-leaves you will realize how versatile this form of divination can be. Not only can you read the leaves to discover the major concerns of your day ahead or to ask a particular question, you can also consult the leaves about special occasions. Here are some suggestions for expanding your tea-leaf reading skills:

Reading For Pets

If you have a pet, there will inevitably be occasions when you would like some insight into her emotional or physical welfare. Sit in the same room as the animal (or outdoors if that is more appropriate) while you drink the tea and think of your question, so you begin to tune in to your pet's energy. After turning the cup three times anticlockwise and inverting it over the saucer, you can gently place it next to your pet so it connects with its energy. Most cats and dogs will sniff the cup or nudge it with their noses, which is their way of participating in the reading.
You can now read the leaves in the usual way. Examine the cup for symbols that point to whatever is troubling your pet. Although such readings can be very informative if your pet is ill or out of sorts, they should never be a substitute for getting a proper diagnosis and treatment from your vet.

Readings For Special Days

Some days, such as birthdays, are special occasions and therefore deserve a special reading. If it is your birthday, you could conduct your daily ritual reading in the usual way but ask for information about what the coming year will bring. Record the symbols and your interpretations in your special notebook so you can refer to them during the months ahead. You can follow the same procedure on any other special day, such as your wedding day.

Readings for House Moving

Moving house is one of the most stressful events in most people's lives, so do not hesitate to ask the tea-leaves for guidance. If you have yet to find a new home you could ask the tea-leaves to describe the sort of place you should be looking for or the area in which you will find it. In this case, you will have to interpret some of the symbols literally. For instance, if you see a mountain in your cup it may mean that you will move to a mountainous area.

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